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 Could you recommend an exercise to open the heart?

Opening your heart is opening an energy center. You should first put your attention on the center of your chest, try to feel it physically and energetically. Breathe through it gently and relax. With practice, you will discover that there is an awareness that cannot be experienced by the mind. As you relax deeper, the heart opens. When you feel that you have reached your highest level of relaxation, ask your heart a trivial question. With practice you’ll recognize true guidance, then you can ask the questions that matter.

Mary Magdalene


Why do I always experience the same difficulties in my relationships? You’re talking about creation but these are not situations that I consciously want to create in my life. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

You create these situations. Your world doesn’t operate independently, it is a projection of your mind. Everything is in the eyes of the beholder. Look within, everything comes from within. Creation is very easy when you think about it: you can forget your connection to God and repeat your story over and over again, or you can decide to undo the ego and make space for co-creation. Be spacious my friend, and you’ll never be lacking guidance, the path will always be there. Remember that your ego is just an illusion, a buildup of thoughts that gives birth to behaviors and expectations. How free would you be without this illusion?


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