Book Reviews

This material is profoundly simple. It’s strong and clear, and is all you need to know to conquer the illusion of this world, help shift it into the new age of enlightenment and earn yourself a permanent exit pass.
It’s all you need to know. The rest is simply practice.”
Hunt Henion, author of four books, including the best-seller “ Looking, Seeing and Knowing”.

One cannot overestimate the importance of The Way of the Heart¸ that is, if you are willing to diligently apply to your daily existence the teachings that are found within. By taking the actions prescribed in this book, you can undo the many illusions of the Ego – your false self that is not of God. This is an integral part of the process of bringing Heaven down to Earth, as you contribute your unique piece of divinity to the symphony that is beginning to be played here on this planet.
-Marc Jacobs, Los Angeles, CA

I learned so much from the course, it felt like what I needed to hear and to learn right at the moment. Since reading the messages, I transformed myself. I learned and I am now feeling that God is inside me and that everything comes from within. Most of my life, I lived in an illusion of fear, I am now aware of it and work at re-centering myself. Without the messages, I still would be unaware and in the shadows.
Thank you Sophie for your wonderful work, patience, love and availability to all of us.

Sandrine Heine
Ontological Coach

Thank you so much for these teachings. They have helped me change my point of view or perhaps I should say my point of feeling. As opposed to identifying with the mind too often, you have helped me experience the heart thru forgiveness, loving, and living. These teachings are clearly able to help those who are willing to listen at this critical time for both the planet earth and for the many souls who are making the long journey to ascension.

The journey of this course went to the core of why we are here in these incarnating bodies. It led us to the heart of the matter by asking us to let go of our minds.
As long as we act and react from our mind we will know suffering and limitation.
We were constantly reminded how the mind distracts from our true purpose and that is to know and experience the power of Presence.

Brie Wilkinson, Fallbrook, California

Sophie’s course is a very inspiring and enlightening set of channeled messages from Jeshua and Mary Magdalene. The messages bring us insights into how our past lives have manifested karma in this lifetime that can be deleted, they demonstrate how, after centuries of varying successes and failures, we now have the opportunity to create oneness on this planet. The messages are messages of empowerment, that we are the ones who can create the essential change that is needed on earth at this time, and that we have the ability to establish new paradigms of thinking and bring about evolution of consciousness.For me these messages have been an inspiration and great guidance that assist me to become more aware of my soul trajectory and fulfill my dharma.

Francois Ward, UK.