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The media kit is available at Here are some radio interviews I did over the last few weeks: 11:11 Talk Radio with Simran Singh Radio Amerika Now with Barb Adams Connecting the Light with Michael Quinsey The Jackal’s head on PSN radio with Angel Espino The Black Cat Lounge with Tim Shaw Being with […]

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Q & A

 Could you recommend an exercise to open the heart? Opening your heart is opening an energy center. You should first put your attention on the center of your chest, try to feel it physically and energetically. Breathe through it gently and relax. With practice, you will discover that there is an awareness that cannot be […]

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The Sacred Shift, Co-Creating Your Future

The Sacred Shift is coming out today on Amazon and it is already #1 in its category! Please check it out! I contributed three texts to this anthology. This amazing book by world-class experts puts the great shift into perspective and brings transformational spiritual concepts down to earth! Sections One & Two put this sacred shift […]

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What dreams are made of

Channeled from Jeshua At the beginning of times, creation was just an idea, a plan of God to experience Himself. Then came the world. From a single thought life was born with its myriad of expressions. This process is still repeating each instant. Your world is in constant creation, but by not bringing awareness to […]

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What is the divine feminine?

Channeled from Mary Magdalene This is a profound question which answer is difficult to understand in your competitive world. There are two ways to live your life. The first one is to live it by what others are telling you. This is very common, you build your life in reaction to what you think society, […]

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On Illusion

Channeled from Jeshua  Illusion is the nature of your reality. You’re living a dream that some like to turn into a nightmare. You are still asleep but soon will awaken, then you will discover life. The true essence of your being is life. You go through your day trying to control it, looking at everything […]

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On Spiritual Practice

In this age of technology and materialism, when many wonder what tomorrow will bring, the resurgence of spirituality is a normal phenomenon. For centuries, people have turned to religions or other belief systems for support and understanding. Yet it never resulted in a better world on a global level. An improved personal life perhaps, but […]

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Questions on spiritual practice

Hi Sophie Rose, I received a copy of your writings regarding spiritual practice and the importance of establishing a connection with my heart and soul – my Self. Your words rang true but I have been on spiritual journey for over 20 years and have never been more lost than I am now. It’s difficult to […]

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The story behind the book

  Meditation and presence create spiritual connection. By letting go of mind and time, you enter a sacred space of communion with a dimension of being that is not accessible otherwise. In 2008, after ten years of practicing meditation in different traditions, I discovered I could receive guidance in the form of images or sentences.  By going inside, I […]

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Global Oneness Day

Special channeling on GLOBAL ONENESS DAY, dictated this weekend: MARY MAGADALENE: Oneness in action is the basis of a loving and sustainable society.  As you make decisions and build tomorrow’s society, you should keep in mind the interconnectedness of all things. Oneness is as physical as it is spiritual. You see the physical world and the […]

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